A national syndicate launching profitable companies and meaningful employment with the formerly incarcerated.



Construction, Retail, Clothing, Staffing, Cyber Security, Food Truck, Security, Apparel, Medical and More

WORK is a national firm specializing in affordable residential and light commercial construction. Operating in Atlanta (020), Pittsburgh (068) and Virginia/DC (083).

WORK EMPLOYEES earn above average wages, profit share, benefits and often ownership.


(PILOT) Similar to the model of Delancey Street. ZERO is piloting a transitional housing operation of 46 town homes in Pittsburgh, Pa to support reentring citzens and displaced veterans.

ZERO INCUBATORS serve as an essential support system for the community of ex-offenders through education, crime prevention and advocacy.


“This experiment could be one of the most significant efforts in workforce and community development that we have ever been apart of.” 
~John Aliquo (PA CareerLink Allegheny East)