Zero Six Eight is proud to be a part of the Greater Pittsburgh Circles Network, a group of like-minded organizations in Allegheny County dedicated to fighting poverty in a relational, systemic, and sustainable way.  

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The Greater Pittsburgh Circles Network is a part of a national network of Circles groups building community, strengthening families, and eradicating poverty.


The mission of Circles Zero Six Eight, is to inspire and equip the employees and families of Zero Six Eight to resolve poverty and thrive.  The peer-to-peer relationships developed through Circles, Zero Six Eight Leaders can continue to take charge of their destinies through their own hard work and dedication, as well as the support of the Zero Six Eight community.  To learn more about how the mission of both Circles and Zero Six Eight please email us at


Circles Zero Six Eight is driven by its Leaders, the employees of Zero Six Eight.  During a comprehensive training, Leaders and Allies are prepared to face the relational and psychological realities of experiencing and overcoming poverty.  Once the trainings are completed, Leaders and Allies participate in a series of weekly meetings, meeting over dinner to talk, laugh, and grow together. As the community grows, Leaders focus the meetings around a series of goals they have set for themselves, and work together with their allies to drive the community to help overcome some systemic barriers facing them, and others, as they work themselves out of poverty.   To learn more, please contact our Circles Director at


Circle Leaders are Zero Six Eight employees who have made the choice to augment their work experience with the relational and communal benefits that Circles Zero Six Eight offers them.  

Circle Leaders have agreed to help cultivate a new understanding of poverty and learn how to build strong and flexible social capital for themselves as they strive towards the personal, professional, and family goals.

Leaders are on a track toward a long and stable career as innovators and entrepreneurs based on the skills and insights they gain from employment with a Zero Six Eight portfolio company.  While leading Circles Zero Six Eight, they will develop the insights and social capital to create a long, happy and flourishing personal and family life.  

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Circle Allies are made up of those who have answered the call to fight back against a culture dismissive of ex-offenders and their families.  Allies provide the necessary peer-to-peer relationships, insight, and social capital to enable Circle Leaders to continue their journey towards long term stability and flourishing.

To help end poverty and stand up and make a difference for ex-offenders please email